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30/07/2018 - 17/08/2018 Daily @ 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

300 hr Yoga Therapy Certificate eligible for accredited programs as it is an advanced training.

Yoga therapy encompasses traditional yoga from the eight limbs of yoga: philosophies, foundations, pranayama, mindfulness, withdrawal of the senses, meditation and more.


300 hr Yoga Therapy Certificate

After completing the Training you are certified with either or both of the following:

  • 500 hr RYT Registered Yoga Teacher accreditation
  • RYTP Registered Yoga Therapy Practitioner


Yoga Teachers, Body Workers, Yoga Students with a year practice, Midwives, Doctors and the alike.

Pre-requisite is a 200 hr yoga training or the equivalent

Please wear easy fitting clothing.

May bring your own yoga mat and accessories.

Personal Practice

Students of the 300 hr course will have the opportunity to work on a personal practice for personal development.

After completing the course, you will be able to offer a refinement of your student’s personal practice from the perspective of anatomy and intelligence, individual needs, applying yogic knowledge.


Students completing the 300-hour advance certificate course can expect to learn the following competencies:

  • Yoga Anatomy, including kinesiology, physiology, osteology, and myology.
  • Intellectualising kinetic and tactile experiences of experiential anatomy and movement to include mobility, gait, walking, posture, sitting, reclining and alignment.
  • Analysis and study of movement.
  • Patterning & Re-patterning: Learn the basic movements that increase awareness and range of motion for simple to complex yogasanas.
  • Evaluation of patterns of breath, effects of breath, developing the breath for yourself and students
  • Traditional Therapeutic Yoga principles are applied in general and to specific conditions and injuries.
  • Avoiding injury applications of movements and yoga principles aid in improved physical and mental function precipitating healing, increased calm with mental and emotional ease.

Therapeutic Applications in Healing

  • Evaluate your student’s personal abilities for greater understanding, development.
  • Adaptation of yogasanas to meet your student’s individual mobility, illnesses and abilities.
  • Programs for basic pathologies encountered by your student.
  • Planning safe and effective therapeutic programs for classes or private sessions that are specific to each participant’s illnesses, and pathologies or alignment, psychological or movement dysfunction, utilising all of the tools of yoga including the eight limbs of yoga.
  • For your health as a Yoga Therapy Practitioner / Yoga Therapist training in mindfulness to engage your intuition, spiritual awareness, emotional balance, and grounding your physical and mind.
  • The perspective to engage your student(s) as a whole, not separate parts.
  • Strategies for the healing mode of empowerment of self-care.
  • Assimilating yoga therapy training to develop advanced teaching skills effectively, openly, and with compassion.
  • OM chanting and Nada – sound applications in healing
  • Learn basic principles of Ayurveda to incorporate into yoga therapy programs.
  • Additional work is completed in pairs and groups to gain full understanding and practice.
  • Compassionate feedback is given throughout the course.
  • Home assignments are to be completed before and after the practicum.

Teaching what you learn

  • Specific Training on the ability to teach what you learn.
  • Aural, Kinetic/Touch/Feel, Visual and Spoken, adaptation between students of either learning abilities and your specific and preferred learning: for example, you may be a visual learner and the student is aural, etc.
  • Adaptation, compromise and learning is for the student and eliciting the best out in the teacher.
  • Interactive discussion of yoga applications and theory.

Modules included in Yoga Therapy Training

  • Healing Yoga Insights – Principles of Yoga Therapy and their Application
  • Restorative Principles for Yoga Therapy
  • Chakra Energy for Healing
  • Pregnancy Yoga: Natal Yoga
  • Yoga for Differing Abilities, Sizes and Stages of Life (Age)
  • Personal Yoga Therapy – Working with your abilities during training

Yoga Therapy Registration

Training for Yoga Teachers, Body Workers and Yoga Enthusiasts


Effectively drawing on the body and mind’s natural healing systems through comprehensive awareness of where our bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, fascia, organs, pressure points and energy connect to create alignment and proper movement. This yoga therapy training utilizes subtle and complex asanas, pranayama, experimental techniques of movements with the principles of alignment, and re-patterning movements.

Building on the core principles of traditional yoga, students extend their yoga or holistic knowledge into practical therapeutic understanding and skills. Students translate new awareness into yoga teaching and personal practice; implement a sense of unity, compassion and kindness.


Introduction Fees for 2014 $1,999 Canadian.

  • Before April 21 $1,999 cnd
  • Afterwards $2,250 cnd
  • Following years $3,500 cnd

Intensive Includes

  • Lunch and Tea Refreshments Daily
  • Journal
  • Manual

Dates – August Yearly

  • 2014 – Maritimes, Canada
  • 2015 – Scotland, UK August
  • 2016 – Montreal, Canada
  • 2017 – Wales, UK
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30/07/2018 - 17/08/2018


7:00 am - 5:00 pm