Specialising in Back & Chronic Pain

“Flying starts from the ground.
The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

― J.R. Rim

Connecting yourself with the earth through direct contact is when you absorb the energy the earth produces. Your connection to the earth is a natural evolution for the body and mind.  You need to be connected and grounded to function properly; to promote optimal health both physical and psychological.

All species on earth are shaped by the present forces of the planet and cosmos which is intrinsic to sustaining well-being.  The earth is an organic and inorganic system continuously bathing life on the plant with a highly ordered electromagnetic field.

The Practice of Grounding

Meditation •
Mindfulness •
Observation of Self •
Observation of Others •

• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Observation of Self
• Observation of Others

Go Barefoot

Walking around barefoot outside is the most straightforward and robust method of remaining grounded.  Become aware how your feet, hands and full body easily absorb this frequency energy and rebalance – walk, touch, lay down, sit and play in nature.

Hug a Tree

Essential to your emotional and psychological health is the balance of your energies.  By hugging, sitting against or sitting near trees and breathing in the clean oxygen the earth provides you balance your whole system.

Rethink Happy

To heal yourself, you recognise and understand cause and effect. Using visualisation and mindfulness, you draw upon your healing energy to heal your body and mind, even your spiritual self.

You become acutely aware of how to dispel negativity, improve your physical self and change your mindset. Learn how to draw out your healing power.


For specific needs, yoga therapy uses the eight limbs of yoga principles to address individual health issues. After a consult on your physical and psychological needs, a course of personalised sequences that include breath, meditation, mindfulness and physical exercises heal your challenges.

With yoga’s vast array of techniques you can focus on all areas of your life.